UPS Tracking

Similar to its sister service, Shipping, UPS Tracking faced challenges like unclear messaging, an interface that lacked focus, and additional options that were hard to use. Our team tackled all of these problems and helped create a whole new approach with simplicity, usability, and clarity as the primary goals.

Role: Art Direction, UX Support, Concept Development


Winning the Business

The story of this project really begins with UPS asking us to go head-to-head against another agency to compete for the business. We were to deliver a single concept that would be used for a research testing competition and my work was selected by users as the overall most desired solution. This concept laid the groundwork for what would become the new direction of UPS Tracking.



The competition comp was based on a lot of assumptions about the service. Now, we had to evolve the design to work for the real world. Following an AGILE process with the team at UPS, I was able to create several concepts that explored different approaches to information hierarchy, layout, and the overall look. Below are just a few examples of the many iterations that were explored.


The New UPS Tracking

After several months of iteration, the final version of Tracking took shape. Below are the primary components of the redesigned service.


Full Desktop Layout


Delivery Status




Shipment Progress


Responsive Mobile View