UPS Digital Rebranding

Shipping on was facing some major challenges. A high abandonment rate, a confusing set of options, and an aging interface were creating a wide range of negative user feedback. We conducted research to help identify key pain points and then set about streamlining the shipping process based on what we found.

Our efforts led to $157 million increase in online revenue in just one year.

Role: Art Direction, UX Support, Concept Development


But first… Quick Quote

The story of UPS Shipping begins with a smaller web app called Quick Quote. UPS felt their current solution wasn’t quick enough so I was tasked with reimagining the interface to have a simpler layout that would be easier to follow. I implemented a progress bar at the top to help users know where they were in the process and be able to move back and forth between tabs to make edits. This approach tested well and was co-opted for the main shipping flow.


The New Shipping Flow


Step 1: Where

Part 1 of this step presents the user with a form to enter the shipper’s address and contact info. Part 2 replays that information at the top and then collects the recipient’s info.


Step 2: What

For UPS, a critical piece of information is knowing the size and weight of a shipment. In this step, the user is provided with a visual guide to help them understand how to measure the dimensions of their package.


Step 3: How

This step helps the user determine what type of shipment service they need by displaying a simple grid view of delivery dates and times.  


Step 4: Details

Here, you can add email notifications or a return label if necessary. Is your shipment traveling overseas? Users will also find options on how to complete the necessary customs forms through a series of step-by-step modals.


Step 5: Payment & Review

With all of your shipment information in place, you can now enter payment. The user is presented with clear options for payment types along with the ability to tie the payment to an account or send the bill to a secondary payer. Upon entering payment, the review screen will let you double check and make edits all of your info before finalizing the shipment.


Step 6: Confirm

After completing your shipment, you’ll see your new tracking number, a summary of your shipment info, a CTA prompting you to create a profile to help speed up your next shipment and a map to help you find a UPS Store near you.


Balance Bar

One thing users gave plenty of feedback on was wanting more transparency about the price of a shipment. We created the “Balance Bar” which is a sticky drawer that can show the user at any time how the current estimate breaks down with fees related to the options they’ve selected.


Responsive Mobile Views

The new shipping experience was designed with a mobile-first mindset. Form elements flow seamlessly into a single column layout for mobile screens and retain the full feature set from the desktop experience.


Prototype Demo

This video shows an early round of the redesigned shipping flow. We implemented a movement style to help reinforce the feeling of going forward after completing the steps.


Shipping Launch Video

My colleagues in Austin created a promotional video to help spread the word about the new shipping experience.